Top 10 Attractions in Oxfordshire!

A trip to Oxford and the surrounding areas wouldn’t be complete without seeing these top 10 attractions. From the newly built Westgate Oxford shopping centre to the utterly stunning historic buildings of the University of Oxford, the top 10 tourist attractions in Oxfordshire are a must-see on any Oxford sightseeing trip. Even better, many Oxfordshire […]

Visiting Historic Oxford

Oxford is a charming city of dreaming spires and cobbled streets. But why come here this summer? Well, for a start, the university campus is a huge draw for many. It’s utterly breathtaking and is one of the most prestigious and picturesque universities in the entire world. As you stroll down the cobblestone streets, you’ll […]

Holiday in the UK

Many of us Brit’s love to holiday abroad but recent times have called for different measures. So, let’s take a look at why it’s best to staycation instead of vacation. New experiences just around the corner Staycations can tick some of the same boxes as holidays abroad. We often overlook the attractions that are close to […]

Staycation in Oxford

Since the start of the pandemic, and as we move into a period of transition where hospitality businesses and attractions are allowed to begin to reopen, staycations will be on the cards for many holidaymakers for the foreseeable future. And we can’t wait to see you! The UK is full of hidden gems, from beaches […]

Visit Oxford All Year Round with Beds Away

When people look for locations and destinations to travel to, they often become so caught up in local attractions and things to do, that they forget to simply stop and smell the roses (or take in the sights). The fact is, Oxford is a hub of culture and architecture, from the hallowed halls of Oxford […]

Additional Cleaning Measures

We always take great pride in the cleanliness of our properties, but we understand that current circumstances will have you wondering if it’s safe to stay away from home. When it comes to Beds Away, the simple answer is yes it is. We are going above and beyond, spending extra time and using additional sanitisation […]

Enjoy A Victorian Experience

At Beds Away, we take great pride in our pristine and beautiful accommodation. So, if you’re looking an amazing Victorian experience in Oxford, you should choose to stay at our 4-bed Victorian home. This beautiful and spacious home provides more than enough space for families to relax, and is a great hub to enjoy the […]

3 Reasons to Visit Oxford

Oxford is well-known as being home to one of the best and most popular universities in the world, the University of Oxford, but the city of Oxford is more than just a university town. It’s a beautiful place, steeped in history, that’s proud of its culture and has an elegant architecture. With a mix of […]