Visiting Historic Oxford

Oxford is a charming city of dreaming spires and cobbled streets. But why come here this summer? Well, for a start, the university campus is a huge draw for many. It’s utterly breathtaking and is one of the most prestigious and picturesque universities in the entire world.

As you stroll down the cobblestone streets, you’ll no doubt be awestruck at the sight of the older academic buildings. For example, the Bodleian Library is one of the oldest libraries in Europe and contains around 12 million books. Nearby, the Radcliffe Camera serves as a reading room for faculty and students. Then, there’s the Bridge of Sighs, a corridor joining two parts of Hertford College over New College Lane. The bridge was allegedly named for the sounds students made on their way to exams – and we can relate!

Indulge in The History of Oxford

You can’t help but be impressed by the incredible amount of history here. Take a tour of St. Mary the Virgin Church to see the centre from which the campus grew. A church has been located on the site since Anglo-Saxon times, and the oldest part of the current building is the tower, which dates back to 1280.

A dark chapter in Oxford’s history is memorialized with a single Gothic spire where Broad Street meets St. Giles’ Street. This is the spot where three Reformation bishops were killed in the mid-1500s for their Protestant beliefs.

Love A Pint? You’ll Love the Pubs!

Like the rest of the UK, Oxford has its fair share of pubs and bars. Many are within walking distance from several of our properties.

But, If You Like A Good Read…

If you’re a lover of literature, you will want to visit The Eagle and Child, located on St. Giles’ Street, this cosy spot is where an informal literary group, the Inklings, met in the 1930s and 1940s. Among them were C. S. Lewis, creator of the Narnia series, and J. R. R. Tolkien, who authored the Lord of the Rings books – how amazing!

You Can Explore Museums Until Your Heart is Content

We guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you spend an afternoon at the Ashmolean Museum. It first opened in 1677 to house a collection of curiosities donated to the university. Pieces from that collection can still be viewed today, along with a well-curated, mixed collection of art and artefacts from around the globe.

Come And Enjoy A Summer Break With Beds Away

Fancy spending some time exploring and getting to know the cobbled streets of Oxford and all it has to offer? We welcome you with open arms and it would be our pleasure to host you.

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