Staycation in Oxford

Since the start of the pandemic, and as we move into a period of transition where hospitality businesses and attractions are allowed to begin to reopen, staycations will be on the cards for many holidaymakers for the foreseeable future. And we can’t wait to see you! The UK is full of hidden gems, from beaches to city escapes which each offer their own array of places to stay and things to do – so why choose Oxford for your staycation?

For one thing, Oxford is one of those cities which is as relaxing and still as it is bustling and lively; as charming as it is practical; and as historical as it is modern. There really is something for everyone in Oxford, and this article uncovers just a few of the staycation secrets we recommend you try on your next visit to the traditional city.

The Landscape

The countryside is only a short walk away from the pedestrian-only city centre, with these two factors both going a great way towards making Oxford one of the UK’s most family-friendly cities. Port Meadow is one of the best spots around Oxford for a picnic or a summer day out, with the Medley Manor Farm providing all manner of different snacks and fruits for you to pick in the warmer months. The park is also surrounded with an array of country pubs, many of which serve some of Oxford’s finest comfort foods.

As you walk from the park back into the city, you will marvel at the unchanged beauty of the city itself and the way that the buildings compliment the countryside beyond, with sandy coloured stone and an array of spires and towers which rise into the sky.

The Accommodation

Thanks to the presence of Oxford University at the very heart of the city, Oxford is renowned for having a broad array of accommodation options, from the affordable to the luxurious. Take your pick from the variety of accommodation options listed at Beds Away, whether you need space for a romantic getaway or a family break. Our selection of seven different accommodation options in the heart of Oxford range from single bedroom apartments all the way up to 6-bedroom homes, all offering their own unique surroundings and experiences.

The Attractions

There is so much to do in Oxford, and not all of it sits around the cultural sphere – though if you are into culture, there really is no better staycation destination than the old city of Oxford. Some of the top attractions on our list of recommendations include:

  • Punting on the river – notorious, authentic, traditional, and a lot of fun!
  • Taking in Oxford Castle and Prison
  • Enjoying a tour of the Harry Potter sets and places used in the movies
  • Treating yourself to afternoon tea at one of Oxford’s famous 5 star hotels
  • Head to the Oxford covered market to enjoy fresh foods and a few local delicacies
  • Wander the streets of Oxford and take in the vast number of independent and quaint cafes, bookshops, boutique stores and so much more.

Oxford can often feel like time has stood still and modernisation has happened every but inside the heart of the city. And that, apart from anything else, is what makes a staycation in Oxford so gloriously British. We hope to see you soon!


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